Top SD Cards for These 3 Industries

Top SD card

With the advancement in semiconductor technology, secure digital (SD) cards have evolved into a more efficient storage solution for industries like transportation, healthcare, and internet of things (IoT). With its small form factor, high data density, low power consumption, and superior endurance, an SD or MicroSD card is ideal for use as long-term memory in devices that require frequent writes and accesses. 

Industrial memory cards are designed to meet the needs of most demanding electronic equipment and provide extreme reliability. The latest SD specification includes improvements to performance and data protection while offering data-integrity-enhanced security support, which is essential for industrial applications. 

SD Ultra Capacity (SDUC) 

The latest generation of SD and MicroSD cards features ultra-high capacities from 2 TB up to 128 TB – with speeds up to 985 MB/s! Designed specifically for professionals with demanding applications, these cards offer high-performance, reliable, and affordable storage solutions. 

With support for ultra-capacity SD cards, the next generation of automotive cameras can store hundreds or thousands of photos one after another. The same applies to other types of imaging devices. By adopting these industrial SD cards, enterprises can cut back on their data management costs by storing large amounts of information on fewer cards.

SD Extended Capacity (SDXC) 

While traditional SD cards will become obsolete sooner rather than later, extended-capacity SD cards can help businesses keep pace with changing technological trends. SDXC features a capacity of more than 32 GB up to 2 TB – with speeds up to 300 MB/s!

To keep up with the massive amount of data generated by such a large number of connected devices, SDXC cards make it possible for IoT devices to store even more significant amounts of data. They also enable manufacturers to increase the capacity of existing products without having to replace them entirely.

SD High Capacity (SDHC)

These SD cards hold more storage capacity than standard SD cards. SDHC features a capacity of more than 2 GB up to 32 GB – with speeds up to 25 MB/s! Whether you need to create content for your own organization or develop applications for others, these SDHC cards make it easy to share files effectively.

As health care continues to advance, organizations must adapt to new ways of working and deliver new systems that enable staff to work smarter and faster. To do so, they need solutions that are simple, safe, and intuitive to use. SDHC cards can serve as an effective platform for healthcare apps. When used with a smartphone, tablet, or PC, SD cards allow healthcare providers to take advantage of the speed and convenience offered by mobile communications platforms.

It is important to note that each of the above card formats is available in different UHS versions, depending on the requirements of the application environment. Moreover, each UHS specification offers cards in various capacities and transfer speeds. It is recommended that users evaluate the product compatibility based on the specific needs of their application. Here is our full list of storage levels for SD and MicroSD cards from Accelerated Memory.

Industrial-Grade SD Cards From Accelerated Memory

At Accelerated Memory Production, Inc., we manufacture industrial-grade memory cards for a wide range of applications, including data logging/monitoring devices, point-of-sale systems, medical devices, military equipment, security-imaging cameras, digital cameras, and other similar consumer electronic devices that require high reliability and quality components.

Our industrial MicroSD cards are designed to handle all industries’ most challenging and harshest conditions such as extreme temperatures, humidity, vibration, dust, shock, etc. We understand our customers’ needs and meet their expectations through innovative product design, superior manufacturing capabilities, high endurance, and outstanding customer service.

If you want to learn more about our products, please contact us today.