PO Quality Clauses

The following Purchase Order (PO) Quality Clauses become an essential part of the Purchase Order. Any deletions, additions, or changes to the referenced clauses must be made by PO revision only. Invoices will not be honored, and shipments will not be deemed complete until all requirements are fulfilled.

Quality Control System

The seller shall maintain a Quality Assurance System that adheres to the ISO-9001 or EN/AS-9100 standard requirements. Independent registration by an accredited registrar is favored.  A review may be necessary if the contractor declares compliance with the standards without formal accredited registration.

Regardless of the provisions of this clause, the Seller bears the final responsibility to provide the memory modules or other products specified herein.


The seller shall inform the buyer about any projected changes in customization or design previously authorized by the Buyer. Modified products shall be clearly identified and in a different manner from previous products. When a proprietary item is purchased by the Customer, the Seller must notify them about the changes.

Data Traceability

The seller shall assign a unique identifier attribute to each memory module or product where and to the extent traceability is a specified prerequisite. This information must be included in Seller Records.

Inspection Characteristics

Seller shall test and/or inspect (as applicable) all product features defined by the PO that is relevant to the work that the Seller is going to perform.

Seller Records

The Seller shall maintain the relevant test/inspection records to provide proof of conformance with necessary specifications. These records must be trackable and legible to the product involved and must be maintained for the duration specified in the PO.

Resubmission of Non-Conforming Products

Non-conforming SODIMM Memory, support DDR Memory Modules, memory controller, and other products returned by the Buyer and later re-sent by the Seller must display proper evidence of such non-conformance, either on the product or Seller Records. The Seller is responsible for providing proof that the source of non-conformance has been identified and corrected and that it will not re-occur.

ITAR Flow-Down

If the PO falls under the International Traffic and Arms Regulations ordinance, all suppliers and manufacturers must register with the Director of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC). The subcontractor who has the Purchase Order is responsible for fulfilling the licensing requirements set forth by ITAR.

Government Source Inspection

If the government decides to inspect the seller’s facility, this rule applies: “All work on this PO is subject to examination and testing by the Government at any place and time. The Quality Assurance expert representing the government shall be notified as soon as the order is received. The government shall also be notified before the product(s) is ready for testing/inspection.

Buyer Quality Assurance Activity at Source

The Buyer reserves the right to perform their own tests/inspections on the SODIMM RAM products at all times and places. The Buyer also has the “right of entry,” which enables the regulatory agency or supplier to determine and authenticate the quality of products and records at any time and place.

Seller’s Flow-Down of Key Product Features

Supplier shall flow down requirements in the PO document to sub-tier suppliers, if applicable.

DPAS (The Defense Priorities and Allocations System)

As per the DPAS Program, the Department of Defense contracts has priority status to ensure that they are given production priorities for delivery ahead of other (non-defense) orders, which includes industrial orders.

These ratings are assigned to DoD contracts and are enforceable in war, emergencies, and peacetime. The contractor has a legal obligation to accept this order, to schedule production on a priority basis, and to ensure the suppliers are extended the priority rating so the product can be delivered within the requested timeframe.

Statement of Conformance (SoC)

Each shipment must include at least one easily decipherable copy of the SoC. This document specifies that all contractual requirements (regarding the product specifications) have been effectively met as per the PO. The document shall also include that a Quality Assurance Representative has recorded evidence for review.

This statement must contain the product’s PO number, serial number, quantity, and any modifications listed on the PO.

Counterfeit Part Prevention

The distributor or supplier should take measures to prevent the delivery/usage of counterfeit components. A counterfeit component is any item that is misreported as having been made/designed under an approved technology or system. This includes authorized components and products that have been damaged beyond possible repair or that have reached their design life limit but are misstated as “acceptable.”

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