Universal Flash Storage For Automotive Applications

Challenges Faced By The Automation Industry
The automotive industry is going through a revolutionary stage from the driver to the driverless vehicle, generating a whole new world of safety, connectivity, and entertainment applications. While the cloud is an essential component for analyzing data to improve algorithms and databases, it is not sufficient to meet real-time edge computing needs. Automated driving, telematics, and infotainment systems require a storage medium that is both reliable and cost-effective for automotive appli...
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How to Find The Best DRAM Modules

dram modules
DRAM modules are clusters of Dynamic Random Access Memory chips that are assembled on circuit boards. These are widely used as the main memory of a computer. Every single DRAM memory cell consists of a capacitor and a transistor inside an integrated circuit, and the capacitor stores a data bit. Transistors tend to leak a little bit, which is why the capacitors are designed to slowly discharge, draining the information inside. As a result, DRAM needs to be given a new electronic charge or wha...
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How Flash Storage Solutions For Transportation Are Changing The Game

Most modes of transportation including aircrafts, trains, and motor vehicles use industrial flash storage solutions for transportation. Because of the differing nature of these transportation methods, technology is built to address special concerns and perform specific roles. However, most of these transportation technology systems need to reliably store system performance, navigational, and operational data. The strong reliability of Accelerated Memory Production, Inc.’s flash storage solut...
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What Are The World’s Most Durable Solid State Drives?

durable solid state drives
There is a reason why durable solid state drives (SSDs) have become so popular across a wide range of applications and industries. They are faster and more compact than traditional hard disk drives (HDDs), immune to magnetic fields, have no moving parts, and can endure more vibration and shocks than standard magnetic platter disks. And the best part is, SSDs are becoming available in larger and larger capacities while also becoming more affordable. Types of Durable Solid State Drives  ...
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4 Key Features of Storage Solutions For Military Applications

storage solutions for military
We are witnessing an increasingly digital world where demand is growing for high-capacity storage and memory solutions. For mission-critical applications like those in the surveillance, defense, and aerospace industries, these solutions must provide solid data integrity, reliability, performance, and security. DRAM and solid state drive manufacturer, Accelerated Memory Production Inc. offers a wide range of products that meet these challenging requirements, and provide secure and stable stor...
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What’s The Difference Between DDR4 vs. DDR5

What’s The Difference Between DDR4 vs. DDR5 The DDR5 SDRAM standard, officially announced in July of 2020, brings a number of big upgrades over DDR4 memory in terms of efficiency and performance. But it also poses some new design challenges for motherboard manufacturers and semiconductor chip-makers. In this post, we will discuss what DDR5 RAM is all about and how it is different from DDR4. DDR4 vs. DDR5 DDR5 is the next generation of SDRAM and it is an upgrade over the good old DDR4 standard. ...
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9 Industries That Need Micro SD Cards

9 Industries That Need Micro SD Cards Since their invention in 1980, memory cards or Secure Digital (SD) have remained among the most inexpensive, reliable, and successful storage solutions available in the world. Today, they are commonly used to store text, audio, videos, and pictures in a variety of portable devices like smartphones and cameras. Since consumer micro SD cards cost less and have become a huge part of several everyday applications, they are also frequently used for industrial pu...
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What Are DDR5 Memory Modules?

What Are DDR5 Memory Modules? Random Access Memory (RAM) is where data is stored while the PC is turned on, i.e., in the short term. The CPU needs certain information to do its job, and this info is stored in RAM, either as it’s pulled as needed from long-term storage like solid state drives (SSDs) or hard disk drives (HDDs), or generated by the CPU. Memory speed is measured in frequency, and it’s vital because it helps determine how fast the CPU can operate. If the memory is slow, it won’t mat...
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A Look at The Micro SD/SD Cards of The Future

Recently, manufacturers released the fastest and largest capacity micro SD cards ever made. The 1TB SD/microSD cards feature storage density that’s a thousand times more than previous cards made within the last 10 years. Plus, the fast speed of these A1, A2, and UHS-II cards is on par with high-speed options for wireless computing. SD Cards Markets & Standardization Micro SD cards are largely used in tablets, cameras, phones, and other hand-held devices that come with a limited amount...
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Top 3 Solid State Drives For Any Industry

Top 3 Solid State Drives For Any Industry Solid State Drives (SSDs) are used to store data and they have a stronger resistance to physical shocks compared with the electromechanical drives. They also run much more quietly and have lower latency and quicker access time. SSDs can use newer interfaces and form factors to leverage the specific benefits of flash memory, or use conventional HDD (hard disk drives) interfaces and form factors. Standard HDD form factors and traditional interfaces (like ...
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